Hi, my name is Gorka Vázquez. I finished Fine Arts in 1998. Since then, I´ve been working on graphic design, cartoon animated tv shows and directing 3D animated films, music videos for top bands in Spain and several animations for explainer videos, band touring visuals and more.

I´m also a number member of the spanish Arts & Science´s Music Academy since 2010 and best animation movie nominee by the spanish Arts & Science´s Film Academy at Goya award´s event, 2013 and by the iberoamerican Platino awards in 2016.

This website is about my own work as a director. You may need to know more about me at my personal blog

Nice to meet you.



Bilbao – Vizcaya, Spain, 1975

Number member of the Spanish Music Academy of Arts and Sciences. He graduated in Fine Arts in 1998 specialising in audiovisuals.

During the time he spent at university he recorded his first shorts, which went round competition circuits and were shown on local TV stations. At this stage he worked on and contributed to various other audiovisual projects, such as several institutional video features for the Basque Government. However he also continued to work as a cartoonist and colourist for local and national magazines and fanzines, and his collaborations with the cartoon artist Rober Garay are especially worth mentioning. He also gave classes on drawing comics at various cultural centres, and worked as a freelance poster and leaflet designer.

When he finished his degree, together with Koldo Serra he wrote and directed the short film, «Amor de Madre», shot on 35mm, which was screened at numerous national and international festivals and to date has been awarded 8 prizes by critics and the public.

In 1999 he started working as a multimedia and website designer for Euskaltel. Two years later he switched to the world of cartoons where he worked as a copywriter, scriptwriter, editor, models and backgrounds artist, 2D animator and postproducer at Tectoon, Bitart, Imira Entertainment and Ánima Kitchent, and he contributed to various internationally distributed projects and television series: “Cloud Trotters”, “Lola & Virginia”, “Sandra the Fairytale Detective”, “PINY:Institute of New York” or the new episodes for the Spanish famous brand: “Familia Telerín”, called: “Cleo and Cuquin”, among others.

Directing his own projects in addition to what he had learned about animation brought him closer to the world of music and videos.

He directed his first piece of work for the band, Fito & Fitipaldis, commissioned by Last tour international: an animated video to present the “Por la boca vive el pez” tour in 2006-07. It was shown at the start of the 150 concerts that made up the tour. Shortly afterwards he made his first video as a freelance director for the same band, on the Warner Music Spain label, produced by Álvaro González Carranceja. Since then he has scripted and directed videos and animated films for groups like MClan, Melendi, Canteca de Macao or Rise to Fall. The video “Antes de que cuente diez”, for Fito&fitipaldis is especially worth mentioning as it was nominated for best video of the year in 2009 at the 40 Principales Music Awards and at the Music Awards presented by the Spanish Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2009.

In 2010, Spanish Goya award´s winning Baleuko, responsible of the first European animated movie “Megasonicos”, calls him to direct his first three movies: “Olentzero eta Iratxoen Jauntxoa” (2011); “The Wish Fish” (2012), co-directed with Ivan Oneka and “Amila´s secret” (2015). “The wish Fish” was best animation movie nominee by the spanish Arts & Science´s Film Academy at Goya award´s event, 2013 and “Amila´s secret” got the same nomination at the prestigious Premios Platino in 2016.

Since then he has  keept working in family entertainment as an editor and postproducer and lead video department director.


2011 «Olentzero eta Iratxoen Jauntxoa» – 3D Animation

2012 «The Wish Fish» – 3D Animation

2015 «Amila´s Secret» – 3D Animation


1995 «Acosado» – Short film

1996 «Cuestión de Porcentajes» – Short film

1997 «Buenas Vibraciones» – Short film

1998 «Paxio Paxio» – Video-dance

1999 «Amor de Madre» – Short film

ANIMATION experience

2002 «Cloud Trotters» – TV series

2003 «Mizar y Alcor» – Animated educational pieces

2004 «Dummy» – Interactive videogame

2006 «Ubloa» – TV series pilot

2007 «Sane society» – Promotional animated film

2006-2008 «Lola y Virginia» – TV series

2008-2009 «Sandra, the fairytale detective» – TV series

2010 «Whisky DYC» – Promo animation

2011 «Trececatorce» – TV show pilot animated intro

2011 «The Wish Fish Spot» – 3D animation spot

2012 «Merkopolis» – Promotional animation

2012 «¿Tú o yo?» – Tv show intro animation

2012 «RPS» – Promotional animation

2012 «Rafting Instructions» – Game instructions animation

2013 «Rafting & Bicycle» – Game instructions animation

2013 «Yayos» – Title sequence design. Shortfilm

2014 «Socialsu» – «Houseplans» – «Ussemble» – «Cloudstead» – «Tagspire» – «iMemorized» – «Connect» … – Explainer videos for Grumo Media

2016 «PINY: Institute of New York» – Editor and Post-producer

2017 «Cleo and Cuquin» – Editor and Post-producer


2006 «Por la boca vive el pez» – band: Fito&fitipaldis – Animated intro that started the concerts

2007 «Acabo de llegar» – band: Fito&fitipaldis – Video

2008 «Contigo» – band: Canteca de macao – Video

2008 «Espantapájaros» – band: Mclan – Animated film of the song to be shown on the tour

2009 «Antes de que cuente diez» – band: Fito&fitipaldis – promotional animated film

2009 «Antes de que cuente diez» – band: Fito&fitipaldis – Video

2009 «Música» – band: Canteca de macao – Video

2009 «Antes de que cuente diez» – band: Fito&fitipaldis – Animated intro that started the concerts

2009 «Redrum» – band: Risetofall – Video

2010 «Los huesos de los besos» – band: Fito&fitipaldis – Video

2010 «Barbie de extrarradio» – band: Melendi – Video

2010 «Siempre estoy soñando» – banda: Fito&fitipaldis – Animated film of the song to be shown on the tour

2012 «Dolent de mena» – artist: Joan Manuel Serrat – Animated film of the song to be shown on the tour “La orquesta del Titanic”, from Serrat y Sabina

2013 «Astro rey» – artist: Rodrigo Mercado – Video